Answers to Your Questions!

Here we go, here’s the answers to all (appropriate) questions from the last blog post.

Will Sandor’s designs stay for AS3?

Sandor has redesigned everything for AS3!

Can you update to CP’s latest parties?

We prefer to stay with our own custom parties.

Can you reply to everyone’s moderator applications?

We’ve taken a break from replying while Flippr is temporarily closed. When we relaunch, we’ll begin hiring moderators again.

Why do you compact text in text boxes?

That’s just the font we use, we think it looks good.

Three suggestions: Card Jitsu Shadow, Lego Takeover, Human Transformation.

Hehehe, no, and no.

Are stamps going to be added to Flippr?

Yes! With custom stamps soon!

Will custom items be available with the !AI command?

Catalog items yes, mascot items no.

Any new Flippr exclusive mascots?

Not in the plans at the moment, but who knows?

Any new sports based rooms?

Not sports based, but there are no rooms coming!

More bosses soon?

We’re debating doing some events with bosses soon, not sure.

Will we be able to use the Time Trekker at will on Flippr?

Nope, that’s a definite no.

New quest soon?

Yes, we do have some quests in the pipeline.

Will there be future parties based on holidays?

Yes, of course!

Will there be Flippr exclusive furniture?

Yes, there will be as soon as we come back.

Disney based events on Flippr?

If you mean takeovers, then definitely no.

Name one party coming in AS3.

Halloween Party.

Will there be more custom colors?

Yes, in the next few months.

Will there be new puffles in Flippr?

Yes! We have two new puffles scheduled for the coming months.

Will games come with the updates to Flippr?

We’re working on having some games when we relaunch.

What will the future of Flippr hold?

Lots of fun!

Will there be AS3 igloo system?

Yes, we plan on supporting three saveable igloos just like CP.

Any hints on upcoming parties?

Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready.

When are you guys reopening?

We’re planning on early July.

Why do we need coins to buy stuff?

Because it adds a fun earn-and-spend element to the game.

Will Flippr have the same parties as Club Penguin?

No, we enjoy our own parties.

Will penguins be able to teleport?

Not sure, but that’d be cool.

So you don’t plan on adding cat and dog puffles?

No, but you will be able to buy costumes for your puffle that makes them look like them.

Will the Fire Prize and Water Prize be available when Flippr relaunches?

Yes, but we’ve reinvented them as regular clothing items for the catalog.

Will you have a party switcher?

No, we prefer to do our own parties month to month.

Will we be able to be Protobot?

No, that’s going to remain a special mascot feature.


I hope you all enjoyed this fun new event! Maybe we’ll do it again in the future!

Until next time,



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