Big Big News

Hey y’all!

Sorry the blog has been rather inactive, we’ve been trying to work on a ton of communication channels to see what works best, like Twitter and other sites. But now it’s the blog’s turn, mainly because this announcement is too long to put anywhere else!

Now before people get all confused by what’s below, Flippr is not closing. We may close for a few weeks, but we will DEFINITELY come back up.

Now we can move on. So today is a super big announcement! Those of you familiar with CPPSes know that Flippr currently runs as an ActionScript 2 based CPPS, which is great and all. However, in the coming weeks we’ll be switching over to an ActionScript 3 based CPPS! While the words themselves mean nothing, the changes are huge! ActionScript 2 is kind of like all of Club Penguin before 2011, featurewise. ActionScript 3 allows us to do some crazy fun new stuff, for example:

  • More new content faster. Since the newspaper is considerably downsized, I can spend more time working on fun new weekly updates, like the EPF and catalogs.
  • More puffles! Sorry, no animal puffles, but there will be some more Flippr exclusive puffles in the pipeline soon… These puffles will get full interactivity, ie, petting, brushing, poking, tickling, the whole gambit.
  • More puffle hats! And food! And toys! Some of the new puffle hats are REALLY cool, and might finally appease those of you who have been itching for those animal puffles….
  • Puffle interactions! For real this time! Many more of these, because AS3 makes it nice and simple to set these up.
  • New furniture and igloos! Hehehehehe
  • EPF! Every week! Not a new mission every week, but definitely at least one, maybe two new messages a week. And not just EPF agents; We’re designing icons so that mascots like Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, Sensei, and more can send messages too.
  • A non EPF phone! Definitely will contain cool announcements from mascots, but we’re also working on some features like taking pictures and maybe a messaging feature far in the future.
  • Cooler party features! I’ve been hearing a lot about how everyone is loving transforming at the Puffle Party, so we’re definitely looking to include this down the road, and AS3 is making this a lot easier.

And that’s just to name a few! In addition to this, the game will also see a noticeable speed increase! AS3 is definitely faster than AS2, so even you players with not-so-great computers and internet will be able to enjoy the game at fast speeds.

Now I’m not going to lie, there is a downside to all of this. For one, we’re going to be closing for at least two weeks, but not immediately. It’ll likely be in mid to late June. But until then, the weekly content updates are postponed so that we can work hard on all the new features that we’re making. I’m sorry, but as soon as we relaunch it’ll be instantly worth it, between the new puffle features alone and the new catalogs that we come with relaunch. AS3 will also eliminate a lot of the peskiest bugs on the game.

Don’t worry, we haven’t even set a final date for the two week close, so there’s still plenty of time to play! Keep an eye out on our official Twitter (@FlipprCPPS) for more news about this ENORMOUS update.

Keep flipprin’,