About Recent Events

Hello there readers!

So sorry about how the game has been up and down lately! Our host was suspended, and it’s taken a while to make sure everything is back and running again. So here’s a few bullets to go through:

  • Accounts Wiped (some): Accounts made after around Wednesday and on will no longer work. If your account says Penguin Not Found and you made it on Tuesday or Monday, reregister, because I may have my facts wrong.
  • Updates Missed: Since we’ve been down, a lot of you didn’t get to see last week’s updates! It’s alright, most were permanent. The Pizza Parlor is no longer under construction, and construction progressed in Woodland Center. As of this week, all construction is completed. I’ve linked last week’s paper below, it’s definitely worth checking out, especially the guest article.
  • EPF Is Ready: Head to the Everday Phoning Facility to start your EPF journey, but there are other secrets to find…
  • Won’t happen again: We’ve improved a lot from this, and we’re taking measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I hope you all enjoy the game, and I’m sure you’ll be as looking forward to the first party as much as I am!


News Link: http://flippr.pw/missed_news.swf

PS: Enjoy the new domain (http://www.flippr.pw) 😉

P.P.S: Clear your cache!